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Pro Trouble Acne Cleansing Foam 150ml

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Non-irritating cleansing foam with a strong acne relief effect ! Acne relief functionality / Completed skin irritation tests


  • Acne cleanser containing a high content of 18,000 ppm of salicylic acid, which is an acne relief functional ingredient, and 10,000 ppm of centella asiatica provides powerful acne relief and a superior soothing effect
  • Rich and moisturizing "foam cleansing" leaves no inner tightness with 25% moisturizing ingredients & naturally derived surfactants
  • Superior soothing effect of skin problems, but is mild on the skin!
  • Safe for problematic skin with a non-irritating formula that is free of 20 harmful ingredients identified by DERMATORY

* Reasons you need acne relief functional cleanser

  • Need for a cleanser exclusively made for acne prone skin that provides deep and clean cleansing of the pores by caring for dead skin cells and sebum that exacerbate skin problems

* Formula

  • Moisturizing cleansing foam that leaves no inner tightness while providing a fresh finish with 25% moisturizing ingredients

* Texture

  • As a soft cream type that contains naturally derived surfactants, the rich foam gently helps to deeply cleanse away impurities in the skin.
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