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Pro Hyal Shot Moisture Ampoule 20ml

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Hydro radiance with moisture up to 5mm deep into skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a moisture storage that can pull in moisture 1000 times of its volume


  • 5mm moisture-retaining power for skin
  • Radiance improvement effect with moisture 
  • 3,500Da Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid provides a better absorption into skin, so it provides strong moisture.


  • After washing the face, tidy up skin texture and dispense an appropriate amount of Pro Hyal Shot Moisture Ampoule in your palm.
  • Gently apply on the face and tap to promote absorption into skin.

* Skin radiance improvement

  • The results of 5mm skin moisture-retaining power after using ‘Pro Hyal Shot Hydro Radiant Ampoule’ showed 4.64% moisture-retaining effect immediately after use and 4.38% after 24 hours after use compared to the skin condition before product use.
  • Test Period: Sep. 25 - Oct. 10, 2019 Test Subjects: 20 female adults Test Agency: OATC Skin Research Center Test Product Name: Dermatory Pro Hyal Shot Moisture Ampoule *May vary by individual
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