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MINI6TH [The Book of Us : The Demon]

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DAY6, which sings every moment, has returned with an album that densely composes the curves of ever-changing emotions.

'The Book of Us: The Demon' is an album created by borrowing Maxwell's Demon laws. Starting with the theory that a virtual existence 'Demon' creates an imbalanced state of energy, it contains the preciousness of realizing only after love leaves.

DAY6 to form a consensus by swimming through the depth of emotions. It proved the status of 'Day6 that you can trust and listen to' without fail this time, and put emphasis on the modifier of an irreplaceable K-pop representative band.

DAY6 sings from the imbalance of emotions to the embers of hope that overcomes them with the 6th mini album 'The Book of Us: The Demon' with a colorful corpus and delicate emotions.



<Detailed Information>

1. Specification


-Photobook (80p)

-Book cover (1 out of 5/by version)

-Photo card (1 out of 10/by version)

-Lyric card (1 out of 6)

-Bookmark (1 out of 5/by version)


2. SIZE: 157 X 212mm

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