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The Book of Us: Negentropy-Chaos swallowed up in love

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DAY6, April 19th Mini Album'The Book of Us: Negentropy-Chaos swallowed up in love' and title song'You make Me' released!


-'K-pop representative band' DAY6 returns completely! New album'The Book of Us: Negentropy' is released!

-The delicate sensibility that was fully captured by participation in the lyrics and composition of all songs! The last chapter with a happy ending!


DAY6 releases its 7th mini album'The Book of Us: Negentropy-Chaos swallowed up in love' (hereinafter referred to as'Negentropy') on April 19, and returns to its full form in about a year.


DAY6, which sings every moment and gives a strong resonance in the hearts of listeners, talks about the completion of love and paints the future. In particular, this album has a special meaning as an album in which all five members participated in about a year after the 6th mini album'The Book of Us: The Demon'.


Since its debut, DAY6 has participated in the lyrics and composition of each album, showing a wide musical spectrum and musical instrument performance, and has solidified its strength. The new album'Negentropy', made with deeper skills, encompasses the book series'The Book of Us' and takes a powerful step forward.


The new album'Negentropy' unraveled the theme of'The energy that eventually restores us is love, and through love we become one' based on the physics term indicating the degree of increase or decrease in energy.


Through'Negentropy', which is an abbreviated book of one book, the long run of the book series is decorated with a happy ending, and expectations are gathered for a hopeful chapter to face again.



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-Photobook (80p)

-Photocard (1 out of 10/by version)

-Group photo card (1 type per version)

-1 logo sticker

-Message card (1 out of 5)

2.SIZE: 157 X 212mm

One& Ver. / Only Ver. (2 types)

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