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[The Book of Us : Gluon - Nothing can tear us apart]

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DAY6 Introducing the first unit after 5 years of debut!August 31st DAY6 (Even of Day) first album'The Book of Us: Gluon


-Nothing can tear us apart' released!


-DAY6, the first unit formed after 5 years of debut!.

The deep resonance of Young K & Wonpil & Dowoon

-Title song sung by earnest wind,'To the End of the Wave', a sentimental song that will calmly decorate the early autumn night

-Participate in writing and composing all songs!

A parade of famous songs unfolds with high-quality performances and lyrics that touch the heart

DAY6 unit Even of Day will release'The Book of Us: Gluon-Nothing can tear us apart' on August 31st.


DAY6, which sang every moment and dyed the listeners' daily lives with music, formed the first unit in 5 years after their debut.


This unit, consisting of Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon, will release a new song and make its official debut on the 31st of the last day of August 2020.


DAY6 (Even of Day) is a group name created by Jinyoung Park, the head of JYP Entertainment.


With the message that we will cross the deep dark night and finally face a bright day, the aspiration to sing music that touches our heart was carried.


'The Book of Us: Gluon-Nothing can tear us apart' is an album created by borrowing the physics name'Gluon'.

Starting from the meaning of'Gluon' as a particle that mediates strong interaction, the song expresses an irresistible strong attraction.


In addition, the subtitle'Nothing can tear us apart' is added to express the heartbreaking sincerity that "we are united with the strongest power".


The title song'To the End of the Wave' is a song that reveals the desire to be with you until the waves of joy, sorrow, and sorrow are over on the sea of ​​the world in a boat called life.


With lyrics like "Endure the coming rough waves, don't let go of my hands even in the dark, don't let go of your hands until the rain and wind stops, stay by my side, because when the morning comes in the silence, it will be like a dream." Convey.


Unlike the previous DAY6 album, DAY6 (Even of Day) tried to transform itself by including the tracks of'Intro','Interlude' and'Outro' in the new album.


DAY6 (Even of Day), living in the middle of youth, delivers another resonant sound with the album'The Book of Us: Gluon-Nothing can tear us apart', which contains unaffected emotions. They wrote their own musical epic every single chapter in the'The book of us' series, and showed higher musical growth every time. With the songs on the fourth page of the'The book of us' series, they navigate the universe of their dreams with listeners.


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1. Specification


-Photobook (80p)

-Photocard (2 random out of 12)

-1 type of Lyric ticker

-Clear bookmark (1 random out of 3)



2.SIZE: 157 X 212mm (version 1 type)

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