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DAY6, the first regular album'SUNRISE' released!


Every DAY6 project successful turning point


-DAY6, the first full album of self-growing bands


DAY6 is finally releasing their first full album,'SUNRISE'.


DAY6, which is approaching music fans through the Every DAY6 project, which releases new songs every month in 2017, turns a successful turnaround in June and presents the record of growth as a regular album.



1. Specification


-Photobook (72p)

-1 set of clear covers (6 sheets)

-Lyrics (16p)

-2 out of 12 photo cards (random)

-Live DAY Card: Randomly enclosed (product not enclosed) / End of presentation

-Special Gift Event Card / End of presentation



2.SIZE: 155 X 140 X 11mm

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