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Mini 2nd [Right Through Me]

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DAY6 (Even of Day) releases 2nd mini album 'Right Through Me' and title song 'Pass through'


- DAY6's first unit, Even of Day, comeback after about 10 months! Young K-Wonpil-Dowoon, who has matured even more!

- Title song 'Pass through', 90's hip-hop rhythm + 'Moment to break through the crack' expressed in Korean ballad sensibility

- Young K-Wonpil participated in composing and writing lyrics for all new albums! DAY6 (Even of Day) presents a new musical color


DAY6 (Even of Day) will release a new album 'Right Through Me' on July 5th.

DAY6's first unit, DAY6 (Even of Day), which consists of 3 members Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon, is the unit album 'The Book of Us : Gluon - Nothing can tear us apart' released in August 2020. Of Us: Gluon - Better Can Tear Us Apart) expanded the group's musical domain and raised the reputation of 'Trust and Listen (Day Six)'. Their second mini-album 'Right Through Me', featuring their new musical color, once again strikes the taste of listeners.

The title song 'Pass Through', which stands out with an intuitive title, catches the ears by melting the 90s Korean ballad feel on the 90s East Coast hip-hop rhythm and jazz-style chord development into the melody line. Lyrics with sad content such as “I hate you so I can’t even try to leave because it’s right in front of you” contrasts with the intense sound, giving a unique reverberation.

'Right Through Me' includes the title song 'Going Through', 'We', 'WALK', 'Things You Wanted', 'At the End of Tragedy', 'Home Alone', 'LOVE' PARADE' (Love Parade) has a total of 7 songs.

Following the unit debut album, Young K and Wonpil took charge of composing and writing lyrics for all the albums, including the title song, in this new album, revealing their deep musicality. It conveys deep sympathy to the listeners by expressing the emotions we face face-to-face in the various relationships and processes we go through in our lives through musical candid expression.

DAY6 (Even of Day) uses the new mini-album 'Right Through Me' as a bridge to accompany all the shaking beings in the world and share simple comfort on each other's journeys.

1. Specifications

- 1 CD

- Paper case

- Photobook (84p)

- Photocard (1 random out of 12)

- Unit photo card (1 random out of 4)

- Postcard (1 out of 3 random)

- 1 Steel Cut Sticker


- First limited photo ticket separately (1 out of 3 random) (For only Pre-order bonus)

- Initial limited double-sided poster (1 out of 3 random)  (For only Pre-order bonus)

2. SIZE: 245 X 165mm (version 1 type)

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