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JYP's new band, DAY6, released their second mini album'DAYDREAM' on March 30th.

JYP's new band DAY6 (Day6) will release their second mini album'DAYDREAM' on March 30th.

DAY6 debuted with “The Day” in September last year, and received great attention because it was the first boy band to be shown at JYP Entertainment.


From their debut album to this album, all members participated in writing and composing all songs, becoming the next generation singer-songwriter band. 

In particular, DAY6's member Young K showed off his improved musical skills by digesting all the songs in this album, including lyrics, composition, and production. 

On the other hand, DAY6 is a band that showcases hybrid music that combines various genres such as hip-hop and electronic based on pop rock.

Sungjin (electric & main vocal),

It is composed of Jae (electric & vocal & rap), Young K (bass & vocal & rap), Wonpil (Syndy & Vocal), and Doun (drum).

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