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3RD [The Book of Us : Entropy]

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DAY6, 3rd regular album'The Book of Us: Entropy' and title song'Sweet Chaos' released!


-DAY6, comeback with 3rd regular album'The Book of Us: Entropy'!

Deeper emotion lines-Title song'Sweet Chaos' sings the feelings that disorderly changed a peaceful life-'K-pop representative band' DAY6, participated in writing and composing all songs this time!

-Expanding the musical spectrum!

From metal to punk rock, disco, latin, bossa nova, reggae!

[Entropy]: Disorder degree, one of the thermodynamic state functions

DAY6 (Day6) will release their third full album'The Book of Us: Entropy' on October 22nd.


DAY6 has set its own record for each album since its debut and has steadily drawn a growth graph.

DAY6, which has kept the modifier of'Believe' (Trusted and Listened Day6) with strong vocals and sympathetic lines of emotion, sings a sweet paradox this time.


The 3rd regular album'The Book of Us: Entropy' borrows the scientific concept'Entropy', which means disorder, and expresses the feeling of love that shakes the calm daily life.

From the first track to the 6th track, love deepens, and the 7th to the last 11th track consists of a process of cooling the relationship, revealing the two sides of emotions.

The title song'Sweet Chaos' is the fastest BPM song among the DAY6 title songs of all time.

It combines the groove of the swing genre with the explosive sound of punk rock.  

'Sweet Chaos' expresses a sweet but confused paradoxical feeling.

It conveys a wonderful sympathy on the subject of confusion that anyone who has ever been in love will have experienced.

"As if my own sand castle collapses after a wave like you"

My world has become messy and chaotic, but I sing about the sweetness that made me fall in love with the lyrics that I can't wait for it.

On DAY6, five members from the debut album'The Day' to the new album participated in writing and composing all songs to complete the album with the rich sensibility of DAY6.


This album is filled with a variety of genres such as LA metal, disco, Latin pop, bossa nova, reggae, and so on, colored in DAY6.

Track 1'Deep in love' sang a love that became more intense as you go like a fire and the more you look at it, the more you fall in love.

This song is a reinterpretation of the 80s LA metal genre with the unique feeling of DAY6, and the drums and guitar sounds blended with the members' strong vocals.

Track 3'EMERGENCY' is a disco genre that DAY6 tried for the first time, and conveys the positive energy of DAY6.

It is a song with no time to be bored with the addition of a non-monopic composition, witty lyrics, and colorful melody lines.

Track 4'Rescue Me' is a song that shouts out to the fateful opponent he met while wandering in an empty space to save himself.

It contains alternative and heavy metal elements based on a strong rock sound.

Track 5 '365247' contained the commitment to make hot love for a year, all day, all week.

DAY6's unique color was implemented by putting a pop melody on a Latin pop-based beat.

Track 6'About Now' is a lovely song that imagines what a couple you meet in a couple of days'by now' and wants to be heard before going to bed.

The sweet voices of the DAY6 members harmonized with the electric guitar performance and the simple beat.

Track 7'Ayaya' contains the feelings of a person who is hurt by the scolding of a loved one. Bossa Nova-style classical guitar rhythms are harmonized over hip-hop rhythms, and DAY6's unique Latin vocals are added.

Track 8'Not Fine' sang about the sadness of knowing the temperature difference in love, but having to laugh outwardly for fear of the end.

The contrast between the cold feeling verse and the hot feeling chorus musically expressed'hot me' and'cold you'.


Track 9'Last End' is a song that answers the'last end' of people around you who evaluate your loved ones.

It features a unique vocal line that goes between the reggae-style guitar and drums.

Track 10, “Not Mine,” sang anxiety about the changing love.

The intense string sound at the beginning captures the ears, and the strong snare sound enhances the atmosphere of the song.

It is characterized by an ever-changing and interesting development.


Track 11'Like the Wind Flowing' depicts the feeling of letting go without catching the loved one by comparing the person leaving to the flowing wind.

Although it is a ballad, it develops a different chord progression and presents a rich rock band sound unique to DAY6.

DAY6 is the best in the group itself, ranking first on the music chart since its debut with the title song'Being One Page' of the 5th mini album'The Book of Us: Gravity' released in July and achieving the first place in music broadcasting.

Recorded grades. The 2019 World Tour, which is held on a scale of 31 times in 26 cities, peaks at the infinite growth trajectory of'K-Pop Representative Band'.

DAY6, always standing in front of the public with various genres and new attempts, presents a deep sweetness that will disrupt your life with the 3rd regular album'The Book of Us: Entropy'.



1. Specification


-Photobook (88p)

-2 out of 40 photo cards (random)

-1 out of 5 post cards (random)

-1 out of 5 bookmarks (random)


2.SIZE: 157 X 212mm

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