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1st Mini Album [Empathy] (A_Photo Book Ver.)

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'The king of tone' EXO's D.O.'s first solo album 'Empathy' will be released on July 26th!

The first mini-album ‘Empathy’ of EXO’s D.O. (SM) will be released on July 26th.

This album is D.O.'s first solo album after his debut, and it is expected to receive a good response as it consists of 6 new songs and a bonus track that can meet D.O's sweet tone and warm sensibility.

In particular, D.O. is gaining global popularity with his attractive vocals, excellent singing ability, and intense performance through EXO activities, as well as the 2014 movie 'Cart' OST 'Cry' and the 2019 SM 'STATION' released song 'That's okay)' and other solo songs are also loved and proven as a vocalist, so this solo album is expected to attract attention.

In addition, as an actor as well as a singer, D.O. is active in many works such as movies and dramas and is recognized for his solid acting and box office power, so the new transformation he will show as a solo singer is more anticipated.


(A Ver. → Photo Book Ver.)

- 1 cover

- One of the two folding posters will be given at random

- One random gift out of two photo cards
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