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Crown Split Zip Point Leather Skirt

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" All season! Leather is a must! Crown leather skirt with side zipper points "

I will introduce a leather skirt that is good for daily wear.
Leather is a popular item every season!
Among them, it was made with a design that is not burdensome.
A unique crown-shaped high-waist line makes the leg line look longer, and this mini-length leather skirt with an H line that is comfortable to wear without being too tight creates a beautiful leg silhouette for anyone.
The quality is enhanced by adding a zipper detail that adjusts the side opening.
When you put the zipper up and open it, you can coordinate it with a sexy feeling :)
It is highly recommended as a leather skirt that is easy to match with any top as it is made with a luxurious color and has a classic mood thanks to its soft luster!

Blouse, shirt, T-shirt, knit, etc. All perfect for use!!
All seasons except summer! I want you to create a stylish and trendy look with an item that can be bowed.
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