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Cream Purple Small Flower Flare Back Button Chiffon Long Dress

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"Creamy purple small flower flare chiffon long dress with a retro sensibility"

Introducing a feminine chiffon long dress filled with purple small flowers on a cream background.
The flowers are gently inserted, giving it a bright, retro sensibility and unique charm.
It is a highly recommended item that covers the lower body and body shape with a long flared line skirt.
On the back line, it is good to wear as a point look with open and closed back button detail, and if you tie a ribbon as much as you want with the high-waisted ribbon string according to your body shape, you will look taller overall, and take the effect of making you look slimmer It's true.
If you wear sneakers, it will look vintage, and if you wear sandals or high heels, you will wear it over and over as a one-piece with a feminine feminine feeling :)

I highly recommend a long dress with flared chiffon flowers that accentuates femininity in various places such as date look, campus look, daily look, picnic look, etc. ♡


Size : 44 - 66 Free

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