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3rd Mini Album [Who Am I]

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Craxy's new start WHO AM I

This CRAXY title song “Undercover”, “Lion”, “Butterfly” and the production of INTRO

D_answer's producer Kevin takes on the role, and the fans' expectations are high.

Kevin Producer of D_answer produced the Korean version of Produce 101's "Wanna One" and the Japanese version of Produce 101 "INI", which drew attention.

He has produced the girl group PIXY in general, so the attention of those concerned is focused on the change in CRAXY.

In addition, D_answer's LUZY, Rayker Dane, 1000, Dr.J, and up-and-coming composer chAN's joined forces to create the song of CRAXY.

I was obsessed with putting on a new color.

Composer chAN’s is the album of PENTAGON, ITZY, BoA and Stray Kids.

He participated in the group, and there is a lot of anticipation as to what color he will put on CRAXY's album this time.

[Configuration and specifications] (images are different for each version)

- 1 CD

- Photo Book (80p)

- Photo Card (3 random out of 15)

- Folded Photo (1 type)

- Transparency Card (1 random out of 5)

- Sticker (1 type)
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