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* Season 2 of ‘Super Rookie’ Cravity, which received hot attention at the same time of debut*

The new world we are moving forward! Cravity's passion resembles a blazing flame* Title song “Flame”… The second story of the nine youth facing the limit

'Super Rookie' and'CRAVITY', which received hot attention at the same time as their debut, announced the second season and leap forward.

Cravity, composed of 9 members: Serim, Alan, Jeong Mo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyungjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin, was released in April of this year,'CRAVITY SEASON1. [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE]’ and announced the birth of a super-sized newcomer.

The powerful energy, original music, sharp performance and teamwork provided by the nine youth caught the attention of fans in a short time, and furthermore, the 2020 K-pop scene has established itself as a notable super rookie.


[HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO] The new world we are advancing to

The nine members who faced a new world through their debut are only fascinating in the diverse experiences and processes they experienced for the first time.

They are moving forward with passionate passion, but there is also a vague anxiety that makes them sleepless like insomnia in tropical nights.

However, the nine boys enjoy even these anxieties and are looking forward to an unknown world that they have not yet experienced.

Through the second season's message, [HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO], Cravity plans to share the feelings they face in their growth and expand them to sympathy with the public.

In the season facing hot summer, Cravity sings a passion that resembles a blazing fire.

Title song “Flame”… Cravity's passion resembles a blazing flame that challenges the limits

CRAVITY Universe Season 2 unfolding in the infinite universe

The 7 songs that make up the album increase the level of immersion with variations of various genres.

Starting with the title song'Flame', which announced a strong start,'Believer' of the medium pop genre, which sang solid faith and trust,'Ohh,' which made a great groove by mixing the genres of Nu-Disco, Electronic and Ghetto Funk Ahh','Realize' representing Cravity's worldview,'Hot air balloon' with a refreshing energy,'Sunrise' singing the excitement of summer travel, and'Breathing' with metaphorical lyrics.

Was solved in seven themes. In particular, members Serim and Alan draw attention by participating in the lyrics of two songs, “Believer,” and “Realize,” which intersect with the birth story of Cravity.

The second story that Cravity opens is more persuasive with a worldview intertwined with the growth narratives of those in the middle of their journey to face a new world. It's time to enjoy the second season of Cravity, which will provide you with the best immersion while drawing your worries about your dreams and future, and your passion for transcending limits.


*Album specifications

-Album: 3 types (VER.1/ VER.2 / VER.3)

-Photobook: 1 type (different design by version)

-CD-R: 1 type (different design by version)

-Personal photo card: Insert random 1 out of 9 (different design by version)

-Unit Polaroid photo card: Insert random one out of 9 (same design for each version)

-Sticker: 1 type (same design for each version)

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