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1st Full Album Part.1 [The Awakening :Written in the Stars]

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CRAVITY 1ST ALBUM PART 1 [The Awakening: Written In The Stars]

- CRAVITY releases the long-awaited first full-length album [The Awakening]

- ‘The Awakening: Written In The Stars’, CRAVITY’s growth story to be drawn like fate

- The title song ‘Gas Pedal’ contains a sense of challenge towards the goal.

'Super Rookie' CRAVITY releases their long-awaited first full-length album [The Awakening].

Since their debut, CRAVITY has received a lot of attention and has achieved significant achievements in various awards and charts, establishing itself as a '4th generation idol' leading K-pop, showing remarkable growth. Since his debut, CRAVITY, who has shown the side of a super rookie with a high-quality performance on stage based on a unique worldview, will present a new challenge through a new regular album.

[The Awakening: Written In The Stars]

CRAVITY's first full-length album is an album that contains the challenging consciousness of CRAVITY soaring towards its goal with a new theme called 'The Awakening'. CRAVITY, which depicts the story of overcoming inner worries and pain through the past 'HIDEOUT' league, and becoming one through empathy in a new world, has grown stronger and goes beyond external oppression and insurmountable walls without stopping It contains the will to ‘Written in the stars’, the message of the regular album part 1, is attracting attention with the message of nine youths towards their destiny.

CRAVITY's full-length album this time, PCDC was the main producer, and CRAVITY's unique color was captured in the album more clearly. PCDC is a production crew formed by 6 producers, artists, top laners, and trackers who are engaged in musical activities in various fields, including Jooyoung, Lee Ail, Mopin, BOTTLE GOD, Ikbxci, and Kwak Jin-eon. It consists of members who are active in various fields, and they digest a variety of genres, from popular melodies and trendy style songs to songs with unique ideas. CRAVITY's full album adds meaning by sensibly capturing the colors of CRAVITY interpreted by PCDC.

Title song 'Gas Pedal' : CRAVITY's non-stop fast sprint

The title song 'Gas Pedal' is a song that expresses the story of CRAVITY's unstoppable growth under the theme of 'Accelerator Pedal'. The gradually rising composition of the song delivers the exhilarating pleasure of winning the battle, and members Serim and Allen participated in the rap making, adding intense energy.

In addition, the music video of the title song contains the meaning of 'The Awakening', the main theme of the regular album, and contains the content of CRAVITY members feeling each other's existence and awakening. In order to dramatically express the main keyword, it is a music video that expresses a future-oriented mood with sci-fi and cyberpunk elements in a spatial background that crosses the real and virtual worlds, and the wild visual beauty of red is an attractive music video.

Along with the title song, each track in the album reveals the theme of CRAVITY more clearly. Like the title ‘I came, I saw, I won’, ‘VENI VIDI VICI’, which contains CRAVITY’s bold will, ‘CHINGA-LINGA’, where CRAVITY’s aspiration to achieve everything sounds like a spell, and the pure passion of the members Each track, such as 'Celebrate', a hip-hop dance track expressing enthusiasm, and 'Grand Prix', a pleasant electro pop with funky elements, maintains unity with fresh energy.

CRAVITY, which has proven the value of its name with the last three albums, presents another possibility through differentiated experiences and empathy. Addictive music, distinct team colors, and overwhelming performances will deeply imprint the name of CRAVITY in the K-Pop scene.

*Album Specifications

- SLEEVE COVER: 150x200mm / 1 type (images are different for each version)

- PHOTO BOOK: 148x200mm / 124p (images are different for each version)

- LYRIC BOOK: 148x200mm / 24p (images vary by version)

- CD-R: 1 type (images are different for each version)

- FOLDED POSTER: 295x399mm / Random 1 out of 9 types is inserted (same image for each version)

- PHOTOCARD: 55x85mm / Insert a random one out of 9 types (images are different for each version)

- UNIT PHOTOCARD: 55x85mm / Random 1 type out of 12 types (images are different for each version)
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