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EP [I Got A Feeling]

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Music I've always wanted to do,
MIXTAPE [ I Got A Feeling ] filled with music of styles that I only thought about and couldn't put into practice.

[I Got A Feeling], which consists of a total of 8 songs, including the pre-released song 'UP&DOWN (Feat. Mirani, Penomeco)', contains music of various genres such as hyperpop and Memphis, including Kugi's signature singing rap. paid

Rappers who are currently active in the hip-hop scene, such as Wonstein, The Quiett, and Lil Boy, participated in the featuring, and the quality was further enhanced.



*Album Specifications

- PACKAGE: 160x195 mm

- INSERT : 120x178mm / 4 types (1SET) insert

- BOOKLET : 600x178mm / 10p

- DISC : 120x120mm / 1EA

- POSTER : 272x372mm / Type 1 insert (ground type)

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