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Color matching line balloon puff shoulder crop ribbed TOP (4color)

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"You can feel the soft yet subtle sexiness~!
Color Matching Round Neck Balloon Puff Shoulder Crop Ribbed T-shirt "

This is an attractive cropped T-shirt with a deep square line round neck that makes the neckline look long and the face looks slim and small.
The simple and basic design gives a point with color matching line details on the neck line, sleeves and hem, so it is good to wear in a trendy mood without being flat.
It is an item that has a slim and glam look by holding the body line with volume with ribbed fabric made of tight cotton.
From the basic colors of white, gray, and black to the luxurious rose pink color!
This is a T-shirt that will be completed with a popping point look.

A must-have for daily sexy look, festival look, and date look!
I recommend a cropped T-shirt that looks sexy no matter what skirt, slacks, or denim bottom you match!


Size : 44 - 66 thin

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