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Hydro Cera Essential Toner 150ml

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Skin toner for smooth, dewy skin

Perfect moisture care of dual barrier strengthening system containing 5 types of ceramides + 7 types of minerals that care for both lipids and keratinocytes

MORE POWERFUL DUAL BARRIER STRENGTHENER: A formula that contains CNP Cera-mineral ComplexTM that creates a dual barrier strengthening system that cares for the lipids and keratinocytes, completing a strong moisture barrier

SMOOTH SKIN TEXTURE CARE: Gently absorbs on skin, like an essence for smooth, supple skin

INFUSES SKIN WITH DEWY MOISTURE: Contains 3 types of hyaluronic acids that instantly deliver moisture to dry, rough skin for dewy, soft skin

After cleansing, pump directly on the hand and apply to face, gently pat till the products are fully absorbed.

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