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Hydro Cera Deep Serum 60ml

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A deep serum that delivers deep, concentrated moisture and rich nourishment
Perfect moisture care of dual barrier strengthening system containing 5 types of ceramides + 7 types of minerals that care for both lipids and keratinocytes

MORE POWERFUL DUAL BARRIER STRENGTHENER: A formula that contains CNP Cera-mineral ComplexTM that creates a dual barrier strengthening system that cares for the lipids and keratinocytes, completing a strong moisture barrier
NATURAL ESSENTIAL CARE: A combination of natural essential oils such as lavender and macadamia seed to create silky smooth complexion
DELIVERS NOURISHMENT SKIN DEEP: Delivers moisture and concentrated nutrients to dry, rough skin which absorbs deep within, creating a dewy and smooth skin

After toner, dispense a sufficient amount and apply evenly to skin, gently massage till the products are fully absorbed.

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