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Green Propolis Anti-Oxidant Ampule 35ml

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The high intensity anti-oxidant ampule contains Troxerutin on top of regular Propolis CAPE Complex as well as Co-enzyme Q10 to achieve greater anti-aging and firming effect.

NATURALLY DERIVED PROPOLIS FLAVONOIDS: Brazilian Green Bee's Propolis harvested from native Brazil intensively revitalizes skin instantly.
POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT: Artepilin-C and Troxerutin found in Green Porpolis, along with CAPE Propolis Complex dispels all signs of aging.
DOUBLE MOISTURIZING EFFECT: Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid molecules adhere to the skin better, resulting in longer lasting and more powerful moisturizing effect.
ANTI-WRINKLE & WHITENING: Adenosine and Niancinamide added to visable brighten and tighten saggy, pigmented skin.

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