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The beginning of the adventure to find the great me

CNEMA Double Single ‘Moby Dick / Get Out’

“The tail of a spouting fish may look similar to other fish, but it must be horizontal.” - Herman Melville in “Moby Dick”

A fish that spouts water... a whale. A whale with a horizontal tail moves through the water by moving its spine up and down. Although it is below the surface of the water, it moves forward more freely than any other animal on land, and when it gets out of breath, it soars and spews water into the sky.

JTBC "Super Band 2" runner-up team CNEMA projected their beginnings on the giant whale 'Moby Dick'. A CNEMA that ran fiercely from the bottom of the water, and now soars over the water, turning the horizon upside down. They are 'Moby Dick', and they are the whalers who are looking for the great me.

CNEMA (Kidak-Vocal/Guitar, Lim Yun-Seong-Vocal/Trumpet/Keyboard, Byun Jeong-Ho-Bass, Kim Seulong-Drum) showed off their excellent capabilities in the band audition program and literally solidified their position as a 'super band'. The excellence of each individual who can bear the weight of the program title, the perfection as a band that does not stand out from the sum of those excellent individuals, the artistry that draws sympathy with unrealistic images like the name 'CNEMA', and the storytelling added to the song development to impress It also showed creativity that doubled.

However, despite this, their road ahead is still an adventure. Captivating the public with authentic rock sound in barren times and barren land requires more patience and will than you can imagine. This is the reason why people who meet fatefully and start a new life of music consider the value of more than music in their first works.

'Far Away' extension line

A new voyage based on the novel “Moby Dick”

This CNEMA's official debut single was made with the motif of the novel "Moby Dick" as an extension of "Far Away", which was shown on the final stage of "Super Band 2". The title song 'Moby Dick', in which the giant whale 'Moby Dick' is the narrator, and 'Get Out', the narrator of the whale-chasing whale, are included as double singles. The point of this work is the idea of ​​unraveling a common theme from the opposing narrator's point of view, and it is also noteworthy that the theme of 'adventure' and 'beginning', which can only be presented in a debut work, is taken.

The styles of the two songs are not very different from the songs they showed during the competition. Two vocals of different tones on top of the overflowing sound draw the story without a sense of heterogeneity, and Cindy's cuteness and passionate guitar solo add to the taste. The harsh sound pours out, but the splendid beauty is felt at the same time, making the future of the CNEMA even more exciting.

If there is a difference from the songs presented during the contest, it is that the development is more concise. He completed a stable single by freeing himself from the pressure of competition to capture the moment.

A sense of wit can be found throughout the lyrics. The meticulously matched rhymes and poetic lyrics without missing the concentration of the lyrics stand out, and the pictorial expressions that seem to play a video in your head are impressive.

The title song 'Moby Dick' is appealing to the general public who are not familiar with rock sounds. It unfolds gently as if the waves are flowing, but the CNEMA's unique intense energy explodes without change. It compares the image of the whale ‘Moby-Dick’ sailing freely in the sea to a CNEMA, and delivers a positive message to all who take the first step and run forward without losing their dreams even when anxiety and fear are overwhelming.

‘Get Out’ is more dramatic and intense than ‘Moby Dick’. The growling of the chorus part, which swallows up the softness of the intro, portrays the adventure in the turbulence. The whaling's determination to go out to sea to catch whales and the adventure of sailing the sea were projected into the CNEMA. It was expressed in connection with the fate of the four members of the CNEMA.

Four rock stars who met by fate. We look forward to CNEMA's patience and will to hit the horizon and overturn the horizon.


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