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1st Mini Album Y [CLASS IS OVER]

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CLASS:y (Classy) released 1st Mini Album Y 'CLASS IS OVER'
From a global audition, "We customize our own!" New concept customizing K-pop group launch

Gen Z K-pop rookie CLASS:y (Jimin Won, Seonyu Kim, Hyungseo Myeong, Hyejoo Hong, Riwon Kim, Boeun Park, Chaewon Yoon) will release their first mini album Y 'CLASS IS OVER' on May 5, 2022.

CLASS:y was born through the MBC Global K-Pop Girl Audition 'After School Excitement', which ended in February 2022. The 7-member group with an average age of 16 years old, with infinite potential for growth, drew attention from K-pop fans around the world, ranking first in the non-drama topical category for 11 consecutive weeks at the time of broadcasting.

CLASS:y is 'CLASS' (Class is over), meaning 'I finished class (excitement after school)', ':' (colon) giving the meaning of a new beginning (chapter), 'The same K-pop but a different class Let's enjoy his music' is a team name that combines 'Why(=Y) don't we enjoy same same but different music of CLASSY?'. It contains the aspiration that ‘Classy, ​​who has gone beyond the audition, will captivate K-pop fans around the world with a different level of music’.

The worldview (UNIVERSE) of CLASS:y is variously transformed and expanded under the motto of 'We customize our own'. I noticed that the former members are Generation Z. It competes in the global K-pop market as a group that customizes each time through active communication with the characteristics of Generation Z, who are both the consumer and the producer.

CLASS:y named their first album '1st Mini Album Y', and uniquely set all songs as titles. By putting the unknown Y (unknown unknowns) instead of the X represented by the unknown, the unpredictable and spectacular worldview of CLASS:y was foretold.

The title of the debut album is 'CLASS IS OVER', which contains 5 songs that contain the personality and identity of CLASS:y. The representative title song is 'SHUT DOWN' in a unique genre called K-Wood (K-Pop + Bollywood) with powerful energy and strong restraint. It is a dance song with an impressive explosive chorus and ad-libs, expressing CLASS:y's will to unleash its renewed self to the fullest. It was produced by hit maker Ryan Jeon and the former Ryan division.

*Album Specifications
- RANDOM PAGE: Random insertion of 1 type out of 7 types
- CD-R : 1 type
- PHOTOCARD : Randomly insert 1 type out of 14 types
- HOLOGRAM PHOTOCARD: Randomly insert 1 type out of 7 types
- STICKER: Insert 1 type
- ID CARD: Randomly insert 1 type out of 7 types
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