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CIX - 3rd EP [HELLO] Chapter 3.

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CIX 3rd EP Album ‘HELLO’ Chapter 3. Hello, Strange Time


Following CIX, the first EP album “Hello, Stranger” and the second EP album “Hello, Stranger Space” in the series,Comeback with 3rd EP album ‘Hello, Strange Time’ (Chapter 3. Hello, Strange Time)



-Album specifications-

1. Sleeve + cover box (1 type, different by version)

2. Photobook (84p, different versions or composition)

3. CD (1 type, different by version)

4. Group photo card (1 type, different by version)

5. Member Photo Card (1 random out of 10 per version)

6. Folding poster (random 1 out of 5 per version)

7. Postcard (1 type, different by version)

8. Sticker (1 type, different by version)

9. Illustration card (1 type, same as all versions)

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CIX - 3rd EP [HELLO] Chapter 3.
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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