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5th EP Album [‘OK’ Episode 1 : OK Not] (Photo Book ver.)

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CIX, which opened the OK series with their first full-length album ['OK' Prologue: Be OK] last year, is releasing the first episode of the series after a year of work.

The 5th mini album ['OK' Episode 1 : OK Not] contains concerns about finding the essence of love. I make an earnest effort to win my heart, and sometimes I face a conflict between reason and instinct, and sometimes I end up breaking the set rules. And eventually they end up in conflict at the end of the relationship.

This album expresses the mature self through emotions such as pain, longing, patience, and emptiness derived from the emotion of 'love'.

**Album Specifications and Components **

1. Cover (different by version)

2. Digipack (different by version)

3. CD-R (Varies by version)

4. Photocard (2 random out of 10 per version)

5. Mini Folding Poster (1 random out of 5 per version)

6. Racing License Card (1 random out of 5)

7. Wish note (1 random out of 5)

8. Sticker (1 type)
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