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1st Mini Album [I Don't Want It]

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Debut mini album of a confident rookie, Cipher, who can't be beaten anywhere.

The first album of 'Ciipher', which is attracting attention as an idol group produced by world star 'Rain', is unveiling. Cipher is composed of 7 members: Keita, Tag, Won, Hyun Bin, Tan, Dohwan, and Hwi, meaning 'those who have passwords'. Outside of the stage, he approaches the fans in a friendly manner, but on stage he has a password and shows his aspiration to show a strong image.

The debut album [I don't want you] is an album that contains the love of young boys, and the first step towards a 'Ciipher' is expressed with a bold love, sometimes with fluttering and difficult emotions.

All songs on the album, including the title song 'I don't care', were written and composed by the members, and 'Mother Solo', a song that expresses the heart of a man who is nervous because he is a single mother, and a song that contains emotions that are difficult to express when in love or words that are difficult to express easily. ‘Give me Love’, ‘Fire’, which expresses the feeling of crazy and heart-warming love, and ‘Fall in Love’, which writes down all the emotions you feel the moment you fall in love, is a total of 5 tracks, ‘Ciipher’ Offer your own music.

The debut title song 'Don't Go' is a song that appeals to the woman she likes, imagining being with her unrequited love, and expressing her confidence that she is not swayed even compared to other men. The lyrics of the chorus, 'Baby, I don't want to take it' are strangely addictive, and the point choreography using the fingers makes it a brightly attractive song that anyone can easily listen to and follow.

It is expected that ‘Ciipher’, a strong rookie with all skills, personality, and potential, will approach the public with freshness through their debut album [I don’t want to kiss you].

*Album Specifications

- Out box: 164x222x27mm

- Photobook: 150x210mm / 68P

- CD: 1 type

- Cover card (postcard): insert one random out of seven

- Photocard: Insert one random out of seven

- Sticker: Insert 1 type

- Mini Stand: Insert one random out of 7 types
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