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cignature - 2nd EP Album [Dear Diary Moment]

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Rookie girl group Signature is back with their second mini album after a year and two months since the first mini album [Listen and Speak]. The 2nd mini album [Dear Diary Moment] is an album that collects moments you want to remember, or moments you don't want to remember but have to be remembered like a diary. The story of a shining girl, such as the beginning of love, pure love, and faith in 'me', is expressed through dramatic melody and mature members' vocals.

**Album Specifications and Components **

1. Cover (different by version)

2. Photobook (88p) (Varies by version)

3. CD (varies by version)

4. Folding poster (Insert 1 type randomly among 7 types for each version)

5. Photocard (Insert 2 random out of 14 types for each version)

6. Message Card (Insert 1 random out of 7 for each version)

* Album size: 160x215x9mmΒ 

*Released on 2021-12-01
peachkpop μŒμ•… CD cignature - 2nd EP Album [Dear Diary Moment]
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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