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Cheongha The 1st Studio Album [Querencia]


A new diva of K-POP found in a jewelry box called <Querencia>.The presence of divas in the history of Korean music is very special.

Kim Chu-ja, who was the representative singer of the Shin Joong-hyun division who opened a new world of psychedelic rock and soul in the late 60s, showed radical and sensual charisma like Janis Joplin and Betty Davis. Wan-seon Kim, who led the era of music, was the creator of the era of dance music that was not seen before, highlighting New Wave Rock and Synth Pop as the mainstream. Eom Jung-hwa, who showed more trendy visuals and sensuous music in the 1990s, and Lee Hyo-ri, who brought the authentic sound of R&B to the mainstream K-Pop, and BoA, who changed the paradigm of K-Pop by showing a leap forward as a global pop star, is an era. It deserves to be remembered as a major incident that created the inflection point of.

Who is the diva who will continue the genealogy in today's K-Pop scene? As a performer who captivates the public with the explosive energy he rarely asks in the idol market that has been reestablished as a group over the past few years, he has solidified his position as a solo singer as a vocalist with a fascinating voice and has proven its potential with a career. Cheongha's first full-length album, which has expanded and evolved through collaboration with artists belonging to various scenes and genres, from idols to R&B, hip-hop artists, and 88rising's Rich Brian Show a challenge.

The 21-song regular album that encompasses the styles of various contemporary pop and dance music across house, Latin, Afrobitz and bass is divided into four chapters based on a conceptual track containing the themes of Noble, Savage, Unknown, and Pleasures. Is lost. The contrast of conflicting and intense concepts symbolized by each chapter constitutes Cheongha's artistic worldview, completing his own world through complex and diverse emotional narratives across genres.


**Album specifications and components**

-BOX + STICKER: 205 * 285 mm / 1EA

-Booklet: 200*207 mm / 200pages



-Mini poster: random one out of two

-Photocard: random 4 out of 8

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