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MINI 4TH ALBUM [Flourishing]

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Chungha 4th Mini Album [Flourishing]


The theme of this album is change and growth.

Flourishing, the title of the album, expresses the various emotions that exist within me, including the self-confidence of the dictionary meaning of the word, the anxiety behind it trying to continue to converge, and fear.


The music flow was newly constructed by transforming the fixed form of the previous work. Trap Soul, Latin, R&B, and refreshing medium tempo songs, including genre changes and various attempts are included in this album.


Album Review

01. ChicaThe sound of the Latin guitar that fills the space from the beginning makes us guess the color of this song. This song is a blend of Latin and electronic, which allows you to dance as hot as a fire with the sun.

It contains conversations with myself that I, who have grown up to me as a girl, and I am also a cheering song for everyone who has grown up after hard times. 


02. We are happyThe second song that Yerin gave as a gift, ‘We Are Happy.’ The song was completed with a light and bright feeling by giving an opinion that it would be a little more comfortable to sing than the existing songs that had a lot of high notes while deciding the key of the song at the time of recording.


It is also a bright medium tempo song that I try for the first time, and I hope that this bright feeling will be conveyed to everyone as if going on a picnic on a sunny day. 


03.Call It LoveIt is a song that gives a warm and dreamy atmosphere by adding the sound of various instruments with a moist texture to the calm piano sound surrounding the space. He admitted that it was love to release his heart, and calmly released his emotions.


It is a song that is placed on the boundary between memories and love like a feeling of wanting to return to the days of crying under small lights.


04. FlourishingAfter passing the vague starting point, the lyrics contain the feelings of two years after the solo debut. While painting various colors on the canvas, I spent the time to find the right color for me, and the desire to continue growing in Flourishing. And this song became the title of the album.


This is a song of the Trap Soul genre that I try for the first time, and you can see the change in vocal terms, including a smooth rhythm and a rough ad lib.


05. SnappingAfter the breakup, the end of unrequited love, the desire to return to the beginning, begins to react to the weaker appearance of the other person only when the relationship ends. I empty my mind as if making a spell with a flick of my finger, blindfolded, throwing exhausted mind, midnight passes, and a new morning.

The dynamic arrangement that expands as it gets closer to the chorus in the relaxed groove of the verse is impressive. You can feel more colorful and deeper music than before.



-Size: 150*210

-Sleeve package

-CD, Booklet (76p)

-Postcard: Randomly insert 1 out of 3

-Photocard: Randomly insert 1 out of 4

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