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2nd Studio Album [Bare&Rare Pt.1]

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Chungha The 2nd Studio Album [ Bare&Rare ] Pt.1

Unrivaled summer queen Chungha's inner story, 2nd full album [ Bare&Rare Pt.1 ] release

In the hot summer, Chungha's Sparkling will make this moment even more sparkly

Album Review

[ Bare&Rare Pt.1 ]

Tears running down, wanting to disappear,

Falling apart until I felt completely Bare.

It was clear that It was time to face my own fears.

Two hands tight together with my Prayers.

Take me as I am...... Bare&Rare]

- Chungha -

Chungha's 2nd full-length album [ Bare&Rare Pt.1 ] is divided into two chapters: Pt.1 (Bare), which tells the secret of inner feelings, and Pt.2 (Rare), which contains new musical challenges. Following the special single [ Killing Me ], he participated in writing lyrics and producing all the songs in this regular 2nd album Pt.1. In particular, it contains efforts to compose the music to be heard rather than to the music to be seen, and it is an album that honestly and frankly contains the inner story that Chungha thought about.

The last full-length album [ Querencia ], which was released with a bold direction and rich 21 tracks, solidified her position as a female solo artist, and was selected as one of the 50 Best Albums of 2021 by Billboard. She also won the album award for the first time in the Kpop section of the 19th Korean Popular Music Awards, and has fully demonstrated her wide-ranging vocalist side through her various musical activities, including her OST, featuring, and duet. This album contains songs that you can empathize with by expressing the inner story of Chungha through her vocals.


- CD-R

- Photobook 220x290mm 152p

- Photocard 55x58/Random 3 out of 10

- Polaroidcard 80x100mm/ Random 1 out of 3

- Clearcard 55x85mm

- Poster (on pack) 190x250mm
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