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Character print short sleeve ribbed pajama dress

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"Summer casual loose fit pajama long dress that can be worn cutely and refreshingly even in front of the house~!"

Introducing a short-sleeved pajama long dress that you can enjoy without worrying about your body shape as it is not slim with a cute design :)
The length that covers the knee makes the overall body line look long and covers the lower body fat, so this one-piece is recommended for those who are burdened with exposure!
In addition, it is made with a loose fit, so it can be worn comfortably with a soft feeling regardless of size. It is a cutie homewear that can be worn lovely at a pajama party as the character is printed on a dress that can be casual.

It is an attractive one-piece that can be used comfortably and in various ways in daily life such as pajama party look, mart look, resort look, and drinking look.
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