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Car, the garden

2nd regular album [C]

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[C] Story by Car the Garden

A lot has happened. There were times when several lines of emotion intersect. As the days, months, and years went by, I thought more often that it was right then, but it could be too wrong for me now, or vice versa.

I wondered, changes are coming within me and what will change with these changes. The dictionary meaning of the word ‘reflection’ is ‘to deeply reflect on what one has done’. Before the album work began in earnest, I tried to reflect. As I wrote and completed the song, I reflected on the scales and at the same time put my concerns about my worth in the distant future. Care was taken not to lean in either direction. My hellish childhood also tried to look straight ahead. The times that were concluded as the culprit of the trauma were actually just a passing time.

So 9 songs were born. I hope these friends will stand on their own two feet and meet many people. Through these songs, I hope to share all of my gloom, joy, fear, and happiness with you. It has to be that kind of album.

That's how the album was named. C stands for Car, the garden, or Cigarette, or Christmas. It was pretty funny that my favorite things have an intersection called the letter C.

Yes, that's right. It's a terribly subjective and selfish album. It's packed with stories like that.
After completing the album, I wanted to stand in a place where I could make music for a long time. I want to play in front of a lot of people without stopping and sing a song to burst my throat. There will be a lot more live performances! First of all, please enjoy the album in your own way. thank you!
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