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Butterfly Print Square Neck Nasi Mini Dress

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" Introducing a square-neck pear-top mini dress featuring a unique butterfly print design."

It is a dress that makes your face look small and slim with a square neck, and shows off the neck to the shoulder line, and at the same time gives you a sexy mood!
It is produced in a unique and stylish way by printing a navy color butterfly pattern on a white background.
The loose fit makes it easy to wear without any burden, and it creates a slim body line even if it doesn't fit.
Also, the H-line mini-length skirt gives the effect of making the leg line look slimmer and longer!
There is a zipper on the back so it is easy to put on and take off.
It is white in color and has a slight see-through, but it is lined so you can wear it without much burden.
It is stylish enough as a single wear, but it is completed as a stylish coordination by simply putting on the jacket as if it was not decorated as if it were not decorated!

Daily look, office look, guest look, vacation look, resort look, etc. It is good to wear anywhere regardless of place, and it is a good dress to use from spring to early fall!
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