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BTS Takes the End of Youth Part 2!

Mini Album <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.2>

A moment of youth that burns hot, but is just a dream after passing

Still, an unstoppable streak of light ‘RUN’BTS release their 4th mini-album <Hwayang Love pt.2>.

BTS, which showed their growth with the mini-album <Hwayang Love pt.1> released in April, received hot cheers from youth around the world.

<Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.2>, released on November 30, is an album that completes the youth two-part, delivering the brilliant energy of youth to music fans of their age who are living the “most beautiful moment of life” like themselves.

[Youth's Energy]Seven young men across twenty borders.

BTS, just entering their youth, sang about their youth in jeopardy due to an uncertain future in their previous work <Hwayang Love Story pt.1>.

In the newly released <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.2> after 7 months, BTS sings about youth running with all their utmost power, embracing all the anxiety and precariousness that were shown in the previous work.

Now, those who are getting to know the bitter taste of life little by little, guess enough that life is not just beautiful.

Nevertheless, they just run forward.

All I have is two poor legs and a hot heart.

There is nothing you can do other than run. In the midst of this helpless youth, they clash, break, and shout with scars.

It's okay to fall, and it's okay to get hurt.

So now it's beautiful.

Following the last album, this time again, the members of BTS's Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook have been listed on the production and composition credits, showing further musical growth. The lyrics got deeper and the songs got hotter.

The youth two-part film ended with <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.2>, but they are just in front of the starting point.

Never Mind, BTS' sprinting starts now.

[Dream and Reality, Between BTS] In <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1>, BTS captured a section of precarious youth against the backdrop of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

And in <Hwa-Yang-Yeonhwa pt.2>, they once again escaped the frustrating studio to capture another aspect of youth, the running youth.

The eyes of the members wandering on the railroad tracks, on the dark back alleys and on the breathtaking container boxes in Incheon are pure and rebellious.

The appearance of BTS, which contains the youth's energy that does not compromise with reality, is no different from that of their peers, thus forming a more consensus.

On the other hand, pictures taken in Jeju are full of unrealistic happiness like a fairy tale.

Colorful costumes, small items such as soap bubbles, and the wide open sea and blue fields highlight the image of paradise as if it exists only in a dream.

In particular,'butterflies' appearing in various places are an important medium that plays a role of moving back and forth between reality and dreams, and intertwined with the first-born son's'People's Dream', it gives a dreamlike feeling of not knowing what is a dream and what is reality.

[Title Song RUN Introduction]‘RUN’, which is the title track of the fourth mini-album <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.2> and announces the end of the youth two-part, is a hip-hop dance song with a light sensibility added with Britrock's sensitivity. It starts quietly with an electric guitar sound that evokes a faint sensibility, and gradually exudes powerful energy as it goes to the second half.

Despite being pushed back and bumping, the image of youth who does not know giving up overlaps with the song of BTS fiercely craving for love, saying, "I can only do this anyway, I can only love you".

The recklessness of running toward the end despite being torn and suffering is only beautiful because it is now.

You can never say that you are happy, but it is a period of youth that is beautifully beautiful like wild flowers blooming in barrenness.

It can be said that this is what BTS wants to say, "Hwayang softening."[Song Introduction]

01.INTRO: Never Mind It is an intro song that marks the beginning of <Hwa-Yang-Yeonhwa pt.2>, and contains the central worldview of the album. Following the intro of <Hwa-Yang-Yeonhwa pt.1>, Suga took the main role again. If the confusion and distress experienced by the boys were expressed in the last intro, in this intro, failures and frustrations are nothing to youth, and the more they do, the more spur they go forward. An intense hip-hop song with rocky elements, the hook of the rapper line shouting ‘If you feel like you hit it, step on it harder’ and ‘NEVER MIND’, it draws a strong thrill. In addition, you can feel the impression that you are in the middle of the concert hall by using the sound of the actual BTS concert.

02. RUNThe title track'RUN' is an impressive track with an electric guitar line that evokes an oriental feel, and it continues the faintness and intensity shown in'I NEED U', which was the title song of <Hwayang Soft pt.1>. An intense rocky element was added to the lyrics that read ‘It’s okay if I fall over’ and ‘It’s okay if I get hurt.’ It is the song that expresses the concept of <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.2> in the most intensive way. Rap ​​Monster, Suga, V, and Jungkook are listed on the composition credits to show their musically more mature aspect.

03. ButterflyIt is a new song that was inserted in the video of ‘Hwayang Yeonhwa on stage: prologue’ and received an explosive response before release, and it was misunderstood as the title song of the new album. It is a song that digests future R&B and chillstep elements attempted in'I NEED U'in a unique way of BTS. The trendy sound and delicate emotional expression of the vocal line under the calm performance of a nylon guitar are attractive. In particular, the rapping of Rap Monster that is intensely emanating from the ending part can be said to be the best part. This song contains the confused emotions of youth as it is, and depicts an image as if wandering in a dream that you want to believe as reality. It contains a more mature sensibility compared to the music that BTS has shown so far, raising expectations about what kind of music BTS will play in the future.

04.Whalien 52Here is'The Lonely Whale in the World'. Also known as “52 whales”. Singing at a high frequency of 52 Hz, this whale cannot talk to any other whales in general who communicate at frequencies between 12 and 25 Hz. Nevertheless, 52 whales continue to sing. Lonely, steadily.This song, which was born as a compound word of 52 Whale and ‘Alien (unfamiliar, strange/alien), is a lonely and difficult song like 52 whales, but it contains the feelings of BTS, who have no choice but to continue such songs. In the early 2000s, it was born as a song that evokes a lonely yet faint emotion with a high pitch vocal sampling technique that allows you to feel the vibe of hip-hop and an old-school rhythm source.

05. Ma City It is an exciting alternative hip hop song that continues the funk vibe of the song “Hungtan Boys” from <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1>. This is a hometown song that connects'Paldogangsan', where stories about their hometown are sung in dialect rap, and a city where members such as Ilsan (Rap Monster), Daegu (Suga), Busan (Jimin), and Gwangju (J-Hope) were born and raised. Along with affection for, it contains recognition of the traces of reality that have been walked so far. You can enjoy the excitement of BTS, which boasts the shining wit and beagle beauty of the popular K-pop group leading the Korean Wave.

06. Byapsae It is a song of the trap genre with an impressive bell pluck line in the East, and has a trendy yet exciting beat, reminiscent of the follow-up song'Dope'. It seems like it's a fun party tune song, but the lyrics contain a message about the recent situation and contain BTS' philosophy to tell the story of their generation. Like "They call me, I swear, this generation, thanks to the stork, I made use of the fun of listening to rhymes," and thought about social polarization and the theory of sujes, which are the most social issues these days. It was fun to pinch.

07. SKIT: One night in a strange city It contains the comments of BTS members who successfully completed the <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1> activity. World Tour '2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. At the same time as'THE RED BULLET', <Hwa-Yang-Yeonhwa pt.2>, the last summer, the last day of the South American tour, when we were busy preparing the album, the stories we gathered at the hotel were recorded intact.

08. Dead leaves Future R&B song that evokes an oriental atmosphere. 'Goyeop', which compares precarious love to fallen leaves in autumn, is a song in the story and extension of'I NEED U'. Like the songs that Suga has been producing, such as ‘Let me know’ and ‘Tomorrow’, it is a song with a delicate emotional context, and you can see the true nature of producer Suga, who is gradually growing musically.

09.OUTRO: House Of CardsThis song was also a new song that was released in advance as a video of “Hwayang Yeonhwa on stage: prologue,” and it appeared at the end of the video, creating a meaningful atmosphere. It is the most understated but emotional alternative R&B song among the OUTROs that have been released so far, and vocal lines such as Jimin and V stand out.It is a song about precarious love that starts with'Danger' and continues to'I NEED U'to this album. It expresses a close relationship that is likely to collapse at any moment by comparing it to a house made of cards. The actual orchestra recording was performed to give a grand feeling, and the more and more splendid performance and the pathetic vocal line emotions were expressed delicately so that they could not take their ears off until the end.

* Size: Width 151 Height 226 Height 10

※ Specifications-Album: 2 types (Peach / Blue 2 versions)

-Photobook to about 98p

-Randomly insert 1 photocard out of 8 types (7 per member + 1 group / same image regardless of version)

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