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BTS, a time when radiance and anxiety coexist!

Mini Album <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1>

[Youth, the most beautiful moment of your life!]

BTS has returned with their third mini-album <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1>. Now I’m not just a young boy,

It is an album where you can meet BTS, which is growing little by little. Each track has a lyrical and pop feeling, so you can feel the big and small changes musically.

BTS successfully completed the album "School Trilogy" that encompasses dreams, happiness, and love, which are the biggest interests of teenagers.

We talk about "youth" through this album. 'Hwayang Yeonhwa', which means the most beautiful moment in life. Just entering adolescence

BTS set the theme of this moment where beauty and anxiety coexist. <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1> to be released on April 29th,

They paid attention to the danger of an uncertain future. Also, in the meantime, if you have participated in song production mainly with rappers (Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope)

This time, the vocal members (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) were also listed on the producing and composition credits. It is an album where you can feel the aspect of BTS gradually growing in music.

[BTS dressed in uneasy youth]

BTS will show off the most changed visuals since their debut. Removed the intensity of looking at the camera a little,

Instead, it filled the frame with a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The photographs in <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1> use “flowers” ​​that most resemble youth as the main subject matter.

Outside the studio, I visited the Bomun complex in Gyeongju, famous for cherry blossoms, the canola flower field at Cheomseongdae, and the beach with a lonely sensibility.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom beautifully, but the eyes of BTS standing in the background seem somewhat anxious.

He expressed the anxiety of youth, the theme of the album, through the breathtaking eyes that contrast with the bright scenery.

[Introduction of the title song'I NEED U']

“I NEED U,” the title track of the third mini-album <Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1>, is an electro hip-hop song with urban style.

It is a song that combines an oriental main theme with lyricism and wild hip-hop. Soundly using an electric source

It comes with a different feeling from the previous music of BTS. In'I NEED U', there is an eagerness to try to hold onto the love falling towards the end.

BTS woven the process of love beginning and ending through'real man','Danger' and'I NEED U'into one story.

BTS, who made a little bit young and cute confession, saying, “Become a man, your brother,” through the next album, “Danger,”

He talked about the frustration of a relationship that didn't go as intended. And this time, she sings about her feelings of anxiety because of the love that seems to end.

It is a song that best expresses the album's theme, ‘Hwayang-Yeonhwa’, with the love that burns hot as if forever, but eventually cools down, and the youth that blooms most beautifully but withers with time.

[Song Introduction]

1. Intro: Hwa-yang softening

An intro song that announces the beginning of <Hwa-Yang-Yeonhwa pt.1>. This song was co-produced by BTS's SUGA and composer Slow Rabbit.

It contains the confusion and troubles of boys who are still unfamiliar with the world. Suga used basketball, a hobby, as a material for his lyrics.

In addition, it showed a sense of organizing the sound of a basketball bouncing, running on the court, and breathing in a rhythm.


An electro hip-hop song with urban style. It contains the feelings of a man who is burning up because of the losing love.

“I NEED U” is an extension of the love story that began with “The Real Man,” the title track of BTS' second mini album.

It best reflects the whole album concept, and it can be said to be a story about a sweet but very painful youth itself. ‘You’re beautiful, you’re so cold’ is the lyrics that best show the emotion of ‘I NEED U’.

3. Hold Me Tight

Contemporary R&B HipHop based on sophisticated piano melody. Member V participated in the melody making.

This song corresponds to the back story of'Real Man'. In “real man,” if you confessed vigorously to hold me tight,

In ‘Hold Me’, he begged to hold me tight and expressed the appearance of a man who had become small in front of love.

4. SKIT: Expectation!

It is a track where we honestly talked about our thoughts on the last album and our expectations for this album.

5. It's sick

An electronic hip-hop song with a saxophone on the front. When you hear only the beat, it's like'Let's play all night together!'

The lyrics of Party Tune came to mind, but BTS approached it from a different perspective.

They express their own hustle with lyrics such as'Half the day is sick for work'.

When others play and enjoy, practicing hard and making music is our Swag and our confidence.

6. Heungtan Boys

Retro Funk HipHop, a reinterpretation of 80s P-Funk with modern sound.

You can get a glimpse of SUGA's ability as a producer. This song was composed of the nickname “Hungtan Boys” attached to it because of its excitement.

It is special that all the members participated in the lyrics and wrote songs that fit their respective characters. You can hear the atmosphere of “Attack on Bulletproof” and “Paldogangsan” announced earlier.

7. Converse High

This song was pre-released at a solo concert held in Korea in March. It was based on'a woman in Converse High', which is the ideal type of Rap Monster.

Rap Monster referred to this song as "a song that filled my self-interest."

Originally, the song I worked on for Rap Monster's first mixtape, which was released in March, was included in this album.

8. Moving

A song that lets you feel the nostalgia of 90s hip-hop in the New York hip-hop scene.

BTS actually left the hostel where they lived just before their debut and moved to a new place.

With this motif, I created a song that contained the regret of leaving the hotel and the excitement of a new home.

You can get a glimpse of the past days of BTS through lyrics that bring out memories of the old accommodation one by one.

9.Outro: Love is Not Over

A track that catches your ears with only a minimalist composition and gentle vocals. Jungkook, the main vocal of BTS, challenged producing for the first time,

He also revealed his own piano skills. You can enjoy the faint voices of vocal lines (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) that are gradually growing with each album.

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