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BTS, released their first full album after their debut!ย 

BTS shouted "I want to be, your brother.

I'm so sick of your love" in <Real Man>.

Through the regular album released after a year and two months, they sing about love that does not go as intended.

The title song'Danger' is a hybrid hip-hop song with a punk rock guitar sound stuck in the ear.

It has an attractive composition with straightforward rap, powerful chorus and cool shouting.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts are obviously lovers, but they talk about the frustration of why I should be the only person in love.

This is also a theme that runs through the entire album.



**SpecificationPhotocard-Insert 2 random photocards (1 random out of 3 groups + 1 random out of 7 individuals)Insert photobook (100p)

Polaroid random 1 type insertion is out of stock.

We previously announced that a character paper frame will be inserted.

One character paper frame is not inserted due to the circumstances of the agency.

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