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BTS' summer song, new digital single <Butter>
Refreshing dance pop <Butter>, a cute confession of BTS that shakes the heart
The unique charm of BTS that permeates softly like butter!

The group BTS returned with an exciting and upbeat Summer Song on May 21st. The new digital single <Butter> is an addictive dance pop genre, featuring a catchy bass line and refreshing synth sound from the beginning. The second English song of BTS following the digital single 'Dynamite', which hit the world as soon as it was released on August 21, 2020.

<Butter> contains the cute confession of BTS that it melts softly like margarine and captivates you. Several musicians, including Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, Ron Perry, Jenna Andrews, Alex Bilowitz, and Sebastian Garcia, participated in writing and composing the song, and leader RM also participated in the songwriting, adding to the strong scent of BTS.

BTS, which contains a message that everyone can relate to in every song they release, from honest stories deep in their hearts, such as trials and fears, to support and consolation for the world, won the 63rd Grammy Awards, America's most prestigious music awards ceremony. GRAMMY AWARDS), the first Korean pop singer to be nominated for an award, followed by a solo performance, setting a historic milestone in the history of world popular music. People around the world are paying attention to the places where BTS walks, and every symbolic moment they create.

BTS is poised to captivate the public once again by showing off their unique style through <Butter>, while also showing off the colorful charms of the seven members. "Smooth like butter" BTS' unique style that cannot be imitated!

BTS melted their own unique style that no one else could replace in <Butter>. Sometimes softly, sometimes intensely, the opposite charms of BTS are felt at the same time.

In <Butter>'s lyrics, "Breakin' into your heart" and "I'll melt your heart into 2" are aggressive, but "Smooth like butter" like butter)", "I got that superstar glow", and "Cool shade stunner / I owe it all to my mother" are contrasting lyrics. exudes a cute charm.

The moment <Butter>, a witty expression of the unique style of BTS, resonates, positive and fresh vitality springs up into the daily life of the listeners.

"Steal your heart" A cool performance of seven captivating men that can't be denied

BTS, which always shows synergy beyond imagination on stage, prepared a dynamic performance that maximizes the lyrics in <Butter>. The choreography composition of the choreography makes it seem as if everyone is playing together, and the point choreography that looks in the mirror and smirks slyly expresses the appearance of a seductive man. Each and every movement of the seven members performing separately and together shines dazzlingly.

The group also focused on choreography for each unit, focusing on the cool charm and the group dance that showed the tight breathing between the members. A dance break that starts dynamically with the feeling of playing an electric guitar. Then, through the reversal of the slow motion, the enchanting appearance of BTS is subtly revealed. In a group dance that starts with a motion of sweeping the hair, the points include hand kissing and walking on tiptoe.

In the music video for <Butter>, BTS's captivating performance stands out. There is no room to feel bored with the different directing methods and compositions such as black and white and color, suits and sportswear, and a magnificent stage with colorful lights and gymnasiums. Appearing with a charismatic expression, BTS presents flexible yet powerful choreography. The different solo dance scenes of the seven members connected to the elevator as the background and the group dance performed on a grand stage under splendid lighting is also a highlight.





- Total 2 types [Cream, Peaches]

- 1 CD: 1 each version

- Outbox: 1 each version / W 140 X L 140 X H 40 (mm)

- Photobook: 1 each version / W 137 X H 137 (mm) / Cream 108Pages, Peaches 104Pages

- Photocard: 1 random out of 8 types in each version

- Instant Photo Card: 1 type (same for all versions)

- Photo stand: 1 each version / W 137 X H 95 (mm)

- Folded Message Card: Random 1 out of 7

- Graphic sticker: 1 each version

- Lyrics: a total of 2 types (same for all versions)

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