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Be essential ver

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For BTS, 2020 has been a year in which fans and the world can feel unchanging interest and affection in a new daily life.

At all monumental moments such as No. 1 on the US Billboard'Hot 100' chart and the '2021 Grammy Award' nomination, there was a deep sympathy and passion from fans for the music that contained the thoughts, feelings, and concerns of BTS.

We are introducing'BE (Essential Edition)' in return to the fans who wrote a new history with BTS. We look forward to continuing a more wonderful walk with our fans in the new year of 2021. We ask for your love and interest in the album โ€˜BE (Essential Edition)โ€™.


<Detailed Information>

-1 album

-1 CD

-Photobook: W158 X H214 X T13 (mm) / 140 pages

-Photo Card 1: 7 types

-Photocard 2: Random 1 out of 8

-1 folding poster: W642 X H471 (mm) (Onpack)

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