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BTS - 3rd [LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear']

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■ Album composition


-LOVE YOURSELF 轉'Tear' album will be released in a total of 4 versions Y, O, U, R.

-Photobook: 139 X 204 X 9(mm) / 104P (Each photo is different for each version) / 1CD

-Minibook (Hwa-Yang Yeonhwa The Notes): Y, O, U, R 4 versions / 90 x 127(mm) / 20P

-Photocard: 1 random out of 7 types for each version of Y, O, U, R (28 types in total) / 1 special photo card (※ In the case of 1 special photo card, a random gift will be given at the initial or limited quantity.※ )

-Life-size: 170 X 116(mm) 1 type

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