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Special Album [4U : OUTSIDE]

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A sensational transformation of the group BTOB with an infinite spectrum!

BTOB's special album [4U: OUTSIDE] with a deeper musical weight and limitless transformation

In Mnet <Kingdom: Legendary War>, BTOB, which has surpassed its own limits by presenting stages of various genres, is spurring active activities with the special album [4U: OUTSIDE]. This album [4U: OUTSIDE], which stands out for its sensual transformation, is a special album released as 'BTOB', so it has added a certain weight to it by focusing on their musical depth and capabilities.

The title song 'Outsider' is a song in the Neo Funk/Neo Soul genre, re-engraving BTOB's limitless musical spectrum to the public. Those who have delivered warm comfort and love to many people through their songs in the past, convey a message to overcome realistic worries and worries with the title song 'Outsider', arousing the sympathy of all those who are tired of everyday life. The addictive melody that is easy to sing along with and the lyrics that cool the hearts of those who have been frustrated with the days like a treadmill captivate the ears of everyone who listens.

In addition, the members' unique visuals stand out in this album. While the black and white teaser image of the ‘Silent’ version reveals a deep and sensual ‘adult sexy’ with an indifferent yet chic atmosphere, the color image of the ‘Awake’ version draws attention with its natural charm and languid and relaxed aura. In addition, the omnibus-type music video featuring each member's story boasts a splendid scale as if watching a movie.

BTOB is back with more bold, no-nonsense expressions. Breaking out of the same pattern every day and walking your own path is the ‘Outsider’ they pursue. Through [4U: OUTSIDE], I hope that you will be reborn as a true ‘Outsider’ by looking back on the ‘me’ that was hit by reality and forgot.


Composed by Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, joseph k

Lyrics by Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by AFTRSHOK, joseph k

“Dreamers don’t die. (A dreamer never dies.)

'DREAMER', an exciting dance genre with acoustic sound and upbeat tempo, is a song about a dream told by BTOB, who did not hesitate to take on new challenges despite fierce competition. I hope that BTOB's strong and energetic voice will inspire people who have lost their dreams again.

02. Outsider

Composed by Ryan Jeon, Cameron Warren, Max Cooke, Shaun Smith

Lyrics by Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Cameron Warren

The story of us getting tired of our daily life that repeats like a spinning wheel.

Many people will agree with the expression of persevering day by day. In a world like this, we sometimes want to be ‘Outsiders’. Rather than the commonly used meaning of ‘Outsider’, it contains the meaning of wanting to be free from the same pattern and life every day, and wanting to be strong so that I can be myself.

03. I want to go crazy

Composed by Lee Min-hyeok (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, Brian U, MarkAlong

Lyrics by Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by AFTRSHOK

‘I Want To Go Crazy’ is a minimal electronic pop genre song with an impressive 808 bass sound, as if the freshness of the summer sea and the warm summer night are touching at the same time. By expressing the pain and longing after a breakup with direct and stimulating expressions, he met BTOB's vocals to maximize his emotions.

04. Traveler

Composed by Glory Faces (Full8loom), Truth (Full8loom), HARRY (Full8loom)

Lyrics by Jin-ri (Full8loom), Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by Glory Faces (Full8loom), HARRY (Full8loom)

'Traveler', a hybrid synthpop with a dreamy vintage sound, is a song containing a message of consolation to those who have become adults, but sometimes feel burdened and lonely. The vocals combine to add a warm charm.

05. Waiting 4 U

Composed, Arranged by Hyunsik Lim, Jaein Lee (ZAYSTIN)

Lyrics by Lim Hyun-sik, Lee Jae-in (ZAYSTIN), Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), Peniel

I'm Waiting For You

06. Finale (Show And Prove)

Composed by Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, joseph k, The Muze

Lyrics by Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by AFTRSHOK, joseph k

'Show And Prove', an up-tempo song that adds the colors of a Broadway musical, colorful orchestration, and rock elements, was produced by Lee Min-hyuk (HUTA). He showed passion, pride and affection for the team. It starts with a sad and tense sound, and the point is a reversal of a bright and beautiful unfolding feeling.

*Album Specifications

- BOOK COVER: 430mm X 216mm / 1 type (images are different for each version)

- BOOK PACKAGE: 156mm X 216mm / 1 type (images are different for each version)

- Booklet (BOOKLET): 150mm X 210mm / 96P / 1 type (images are different for each version)

- LYRIC PAPER: 320mm X 480mm / 1 type (images are different for each version)

- Alpan (CD): 120mm X 120mm / 1 type (images are different for each version)

- Invitation Card (INVITATION CARD): 70mm X 140mm / Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

- Postcard (POSTCARD): 100mm X 140mm / Random 1 type out of 4 types is inserted (images are different for each version)

- Photo Card (PHOTO CARD): 55mm X 85mm / Insert one random out of 16 types (same image for each version)

- Film photo card (FILM PHOTO CARD): 110mm X 140mm / Insert one random out of 4 types (images are different for each version)
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