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Brave girls

5th Mini Repackage [After ‘We Ride’]

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- Brave Girls releases 5th mini album repackage After ‘We Ride’
- The title song 'Drinking Habits (After Driving Only)', a song that contains the story of a lover's breakup...
- 1st place in the 4th week of August, Brave Girls?

Brave Girls, who have established themselves as 'summer queens' in name and reality, start their regular run once again with their 5th mini-album repackage After 'We Ride'.

Brave Girls' new song 'Drinking Habits (After Driving Only)' is a pop dance song with impressive lyrics and melodies with sad emotions in contrast to the cool rock sound. In addition, it is expected to once again gain sympathy from listeners by capturing the back story of 'We Ride', which was released in August last year and received a lot of love from listeners.

In addition to the title song 'Drinking Habit (After Driving Only)', this album is 'Acoustic Ver. ', 'FEVER (Saturday Night Fever) [Remix]', a new hip-hop genre completely different from the original song with retro sensibility, 'Summer Alone [ Piano Ver.]', it consists of songs newly created from the songs from the 5th mini album 'Summer Queen', which made the Brave Girls a 'Summer Queen'.

song introduction
01. Drinking habits (only driving after that)
The title song 'Drinking Habits (After Driving)' is the story of the aftermath of 'We Ride', which was loved by the public as Brave Girls' previous work. A pop dance genre song with an impressive and cool rock sound. It is a song that realistically depicts the conflict between lovers and the story after a breakup that everyone has experienced at least once.

02. Skirt Wind [Acoustic Ver.]
This is an acoustic version of the title song 'Chi Mat Ba Ram' of Brave Girls' 5th mini album 'Summer Queen'. It is a song where you can feel the emotional guitar melody.
03. FEVER (Saturday Night Fever) [Remix]
A new song born in a hip-hop genre that is completely different from the original retro genre song.
‘FEVER (Saturday Night Fever) [Remix]’, which has an attractive Latin guitar sound, offers a completely different charm from the original song.

04. Summer Alone [Piano Ver.]
The song 'Summer by myself' from Brave Girls' 5th mini album 'Summer Queen'
The piano version is different from the exciting original song, with the emotional piano melody and Brave Girls
It is a song reborn with an acoustic sensibility.

*Album composition
- Paper sleeve
- Photobook: 84p (including cover) / 185x240mm
- Alpan: Random 1 out of 4 / 120x120mm
- Postcard: Insert one random out of 4 types / 90x140mm
- Photo card: Insert one random out of 8 types / 55x85mm
- Film photo card: Insert one random out of four / 55x85mm
- Polaroid photo card: insert one random out of four / 110x90mm
- Sticker: Insert 1 type / 130x180mm
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