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1st Full Album [DAFT LOVE]

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Boycold's first full album [DAFT LOVE]


[DAFT LOVE] is the first full-length album by New Generation Producer Boycold, released about three years after [POST YOUTH], which was praised by many hip-hop fans.

The album once again conveys Boycold's view of music that was shown in [POST YOUTH], a song about youth and youth. In this album, I interpreted the keyword ‘youth’ with my own unique feeling through expressions such as ‘DAFT LOVE’, meaning ‘immature love’ and ‘Salad Days’, meaning ‘immature’. In particular, [DAFT LOVE] stands out with its epic composition divided into five tracks in the first half expressing ‘DAFT (immaturity)’ and five tracks in the second half expressing ‘LOVE (love’), suggesting a direction for music fans to enjoy the whole album.

[DAFT LOVE], which consists of 10 tracks, is composed of Sokodomo, the main character of the 2021 mega hit 'Merry-go-round (feat. Zion.T, Wonstein)', as well as PH-1, BE'O ), Zior Park, Woodz, msftz, Kid Milli, etc. 16 artists who are currently the most loved in Korea came out in large numbers to enhance the album's perfection.
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