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2nd Full Album [MOON AND BACK]

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BLOO 2nd Full Album [MOON AND BACK]

BLOO is back with [MOON AND BACK]. It is the second full-length album to be released following the first full album [BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2] released in June of this year.

The 2nd full-length album [MOON AND BACK] is an album that consists of a total of 8 songs with various sounds, and is filled with the story of BLOO from the first track to the last track. Among them, the title song 'Girl in New York' maximizes BLOO's unique sensibility by harmonizing the rhythmic retro beat with sad lyrics that contradict it. In addition, this album also contains a jazz version of 'Girl in New York' with a special sensibility, which adds to the fun of listening.

BLOO's 2nd full-length album [MOON AND BACK], which contains the meaning of "I love you to the moon and back", is an album that anyone who has experienced love can relate to. this will be


- Package (+Lenticular Photo) : w220xh160(mm)

- Photobook : w220xh160(mm) / 64p

- CD-R

- Lyrics Postcard Set : w105xh150(mm) / 8ea 1set

- Random ID Photo (BLOO & MAX) : w117xh50(mm) / Random 1 of 3set (3ea 1set)
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