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EP3 [WIN-DOW] (WIN ver.)

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The third sortie of BLITZERS! EP3 [WIN-DOW] with various charms!

The Bleachers, who prepared for a full-fledged trip through the last EP2 [SEAT-BELT], will make a comeback on July 20th on EP3 [WIN-DOW] with full of anticipation and determination.

*Album Specifications

1. Photobook: 2 versions, 72p

2. CD-R: 2 versions

3. Photocard: Random 1 out of 7 per version

4. Toon Card: Random 1 out of 7 per version

5. MONTHLY PLANNER: Random 1 out of 12

6. DIARY INDEX: 1 random out of 2 types

7. Special Photo Coupon: Random 1 out of 7

8. Special Coupon Sticker: Random 1 out of 28
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