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The Bleachers, who left a strong impression on K-pop fans with his debut album 'CHECK-IN', are making a comeback with his second EP 'SEAT-BELT'.

SEAT-BELT is an extension of CHECK-IN, and the title song of the 2nd album ‘I’ll Make a Mistake! (WILL MAKE A MISTAKE)’

To those who are afraid of making mistakes and hesitate, ‘How about making some mistakes? Everyone does it!” This song contains a message that gives courage.

When we try something new or take on a dangerous challenge, we wear various types of 'seat belts'.

Those attempts and challenges can give good results, but they can also cause great hurt and frustration.

Mistakes are not failures. The mistakes we make will eventually nourish us.

And the Bleachers are also planning to take on a new challenge through this album.


1) Sticker: 2 versions (different by version)

2) DIARY INDEX: Random 1 out of 2

3) MONTHLY PLANNER: 1 random out of 12

4) card

- Photocard: Random 1 out of 7 per version

- Toon Card: Random 1 out of 7 for each version

- Mirror Card (Common): Random 1 out of 7
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