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1st EP [Check-In]

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The first boy group Blitzers to be unveiled at Woojo Entertainment.

Those who have already introduced their talents little by little through numerous self-produced contents have finally released their debut album to the world.


[CHECK-IN] marks the beginning of the first journey as Blitzers. Like the moment you first get on a bus or airplane, or the moment you first enter a hotel from a travel destination, it's an album that signals that an exciting journey to meet fans has just begun. The message of support to those who are exhausted from COVID-19 for a long time contains the unique positive energy of Blitzers. Sometimes harsh and intensely, sometimes sweetly, I believe that this album, which contains the stories they want to tell, and the heart of excitement, will surely be a good energy for fans as well.


They are still too naive and young, but I am looking forward to seeing what kind of world the seven boys full of curiosity will experience.


01.Blitz (Next Level Remix) / Blitz

Lyrics by U1, NEUL, Jinhwa / Composed by Konquest, Bard, U1, NEUL / Arranged by Konquest, Bard, Xenovibe

In 2020, it was remixed with a richer sound than the previous work by adding trendy sources such as Trap and Dubstep to the previous work (released only on YouTube), which was attractive with the intense old school hip-hop sound. In particular, the rap verse that evolved Evolution wrote and made directly is the point of appreciation!


02. Check-In / Check-In

Composed by Konquest / Arranged by Konquest

Announcing the boarding of Blitzers.

The beginning of a new journey


03. Breathe Again / Breathe Again

Lyrics by Konquest, WHO\$, U1, NEUL / Composed by Konquest, U1, Bard, NEUL / Arranged by Konquest, Bard

We are farther apart than ever. However, it contains the wishes of everyone who wants to return to a normal and normal routine, ‘being sure to meet again and breathe freely in the same space.’ This song, which is powered by a brake-based drum beat and an intense guitar, reinterprets the hip-hop style more than 20 years ago (90s~00s), bringing freshness to fans in their teens to twenties these days, and nostalgia for fans in their thirties or older. I wanted to convey a different emotion that evokes. As the title song of this album, it is a song that was directed with great care, with ‘a desire to sympathize with the same message even if the generations are different.’


04. Ocean Blue / Ocean Blue

Lyrics by GLODY, WHO\$ / Composed by GLODY, Konquest, U1, Jang Young-soo, Jeon Geun-hwa / Arranged by GLODY, Konquest, Bard

'Ocean Blue' is a pop genre song with a refreshing sound that depicts a lazy morning and a relaxing day. It contains the message of'I want to make you enjoyable like a cool wind and blue sky' that you encounter for a while in a busy life. It.


05. Dream Pilot / Dream Pilot

Lyrics by GLODY, WHO\$ / Composed by GLODY, WHO\$, Bard / Arranged by GLODY, Bard

'Dream Pilot' is a song of the future bass genre, and it is a song that expresses the wish for fans who end a hard day with various concerns in their arms to always have a new and enjoyable flight in their dreams.


06. Drawing Paper

Lyrics by Konquest, U1, NEUL / Composed by Konquest, U1, NEUL / Arranged by Konquest

Although we break up for a while now, it is a song that means that we are always together as precious beings to each other going toward the same place, and that we will meet again with a smile someday. It is a special song that is sung while keeping the time with precious colleagues who have been together in'Woojo Circle' and waiting for the day to meet again in a better place.





-Photocard (4 cards in total): 1 random out of 14 individuals / 2 random out of 42 units / 1 random out of 14 Toon cards

-DIARY INDEX: Random 1 out of 2

-MONTHLY PLANNER: 1 random out of 12

-1 random out of 3 stickers

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