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BLACKPINK, which debuted on August 8th, 2016, received great attention from YG's representative girl group Black Pink, with a unique sound and diverse charms differentiated from the [SQUARE ONE] and [SQUARE TWO] series and'Like the Last'.

Has come back brilliantly with the long-awaited first mini album [SQUARE UP] in 2018.

โ€˜SQUARE UPโ€™ is a โ€˜SQUAREโ€™ series that Black Pink has been doing since their debut, and is an extension of their debut album โ€˜SQUARE ONEโ€™ and their second album โ€˜SQUARE TWOโ€™.

The album name [SQUARE UP], meaning'Let's stick to it' and'Let's fight', contains the message of'Let's face it confidently' with Black Pink's more mature and stronger music and concept.


The title song โ€œDDU-DU DDU-DUโ€ emphasizes the unique color of black pink with an oriental percussion rhythm added to a powerful trap beat and an original whistle lead sound.

The appealing verse part, the hook line in the pre-drop, and the rap in verse 2 are enough to inspire black pink vocals.

The more the song unfolds, the wider spectrum and the destructive power of โ€œDdu-du-du-du,โ€ armed with rising drops, reminds us of a tank.

TEDDY, a leading producer in the music industry, and TEDDY, 24, R.Tee, and Bekuh Boom, who are leading the music industry, present the new charisma of BLACKPINK that cannot be imitated with the energy felt on the track with direct lyrics. Participation is raising the expectations of fans.


BLACKPINK's first mini album [SQUARE UP], which was released for the first time after their debut, is PINK VER and BLACK VER with different booklet images with duality as the main concept, like their name'BLACKPINK'. It will be released in two types, and will be available on pre-order from June 8th, and can be found at YG Select and other online/offline record stores nationwide on June 20th.



โ–  Record composition

-Cover 2 types: PINK ver & BLACK ver

-SIZE: 147*147*21 (weight 250G)-CD + photo book + lenticular lyrics + 1 postcard + 1 random photo card + 1 random selfie photo card

peachkpop ์Œ์•… CD BLACKPINK - MINI 1ST [SQUARE UP]
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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