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@ JENNIE ABOUT'SOLO', presented by Jenny, member of YG's representative girl group Black Pink, creates an atmosphere different from the music shown as Black Pink. Jenny's first flapping of her wings and her challenge as a “solo” artist with more mature, delicate music and performances, and a variety of charms raises expectations.


@[SOLO] PHOTOBOOKAs a “solo” artist, Jenny's first flapping of her wings to the sky.'SOLO' Jenny, who is not only insisting on one image, she is not only natural, but also a girl-like, innocent, dreamlike, classic look, and many other styling and concepts of Jenny. I put it in this [SOLO] photobook.


In addition, in this Jenny's [SOLO] photobook, a CD containing the sound source of the Inst version and the sound source of'SOLO' that stands out with the sophisticated production and songwriting of'TEDDY' and '24', hip-hop songs with appropriate pop elements Increased collectible value.


'SOLO' is a beautiful chord at the introduction and straightforward and honest lyrics added to the simple melody line to naturally focus the listener.The more developed, the stronger the energy of the DROP part and the strong bass of the reverse part and the addictive lead sound are inside Jenny's exterior and interior. It highlights both the weak girl who coexist and the strong independent woman.JENNIE [SOLO] PHOTOBOOK will start pre-ordering from November 5th, and can be found at YG Select and other online/offline record stores nationwide from November 15th.


■ Product information

* Size 156.5 x 157 x 10 (Weight 450G)

* Configuration-Photobook (72P) + CD + Random lyrics postcard (1) + Random photo card (1)

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