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BLACKPINK's first full album,'THE ALBUM', which debuted as'SQUARE ONE' in 2016 and grew into a global artist, will be released on October 6th.


'Lovesick Girls', the title track of BLACKPINK's first studio album'THE ALBUM', leads the overall atmosphere of the song with a refined melody on top of the country-style guitar sound, and the powerful vocals of Black Pink are added to the continuous retro sound to enhance the song. .

This song stands out with lyrics that ask the ultimate question of why humans are hurt and hurt by love, yet they seek another love. For the first time in a Black Pink song, members Jisoo and Jenny participate in the lyrics and composition respectively, further multiplying the expectations of fans.

In addition to “Lovesick Girls,” from “How You Like That,” a charismatic hip-hop sound that has proven its global reach, to “Ice Cream,” a cheerful melody in collaboration with pop star Selena Gomez-It contains various sounds full of personality and charm of Black Pink. You can check Black Pink's endless musical spectrum through'THE ALBUM'.

BLACKPINK 1st FULL ALBUM [THE ALBUM] will be released in 4 different versions with different package box, hardcover photobook and postcard set images. Pre-orders will start on August 28th, and on October 6th, including YG Select /Available at offline music stores.


<Song Introduction>


1.How You Like ThatLyrics: TEDDY, Danny ChungMusic: TEDDY, R.Tee, 24Arrangement: R.Tee, 24

'How You Like That' is a hip-hop song with the unique personality and charismatic sound of Black Pink. The dreamy and magnificent orchestra sound overwhelms the atmosphere from the beginning, and the intense command of Black Pink begins. The vocals that rise with the change of feelings that have been determined and the explosive drop part of'How You Like That' finally vomited turn the atmosphere of the song at once. The powerful beat that changes more and more rapidly as the song progresses further highlights the message from Black Pink to move forward and fly higher in any dark situation.TEDDY, Danny Chung, and TEDDY, R.Tee, 24 participated in the songwriting of ‘How You Like That’ with the best producers.


2.Ice Cream (feat.Selena Gomez)Lyrics: Bekuh BOOM, Victoria Monét, TEDDYMusic: Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, TEDDY, Bekuh BOOM, Victoria Monét, 24, Selena Gomez, Ariana GrandeArrangement: Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, 24

‘Ice Cream’ is a dance-pop song that is a collaboration between Black Pink and pop star Selena Gomez, with a cheerful and refreshing sound that goes well with the hot summer. On the outside, it looks cold, but when you know it, the popping lyrics that compare the meaning of sweetness to ice cream stand out. BLACKPINK's main producer TEDDY and world-class producers Tommy Brown, Mr. “Ice Cream,” collaborated by Franks and 24, is a fun song that harmonizes the colors and personalities of Selena Gomez and Black Pink, and is attracting the expectations of global music fans.


3. Pretty SavageLyrics: TEDDY, LØREN, Vince, Danny ChungMusic: TEDDY, R.Tee, 24, Bekuh BOOMArrangement: TEDDY, 24, R.Tee

‘Pretty Savage’ is a song with a simple but addictive rap part and an explosive drop part on top of a minimalistic and sensuous trap beat, and is a song that explodes with Black Pink's proprietary Girl Crush, which is pretty like the title but not just pretty.


4.Bet You Wanna (feat.Cardi B)Lyrics: Tommy Brown, Steven Franks, Ryan Tedder, Melanie Joy Fontana, Becalis Almanzar, Torae Carr, Jonathan DescartesMusic: Tommy Brown, Mr. FranksArrangement: Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, TEDDY

'Bet You Wanna' is an up-tempo song that meets the famous American female rapper Kadvi and Black Pink, which is a pleasant yet exciting energy. It is another song with the participation of producers Tommy Brown and Mr. Franks of the pre-release single “Ice Cream,” especially since the lyrics are all in English, which is expected to draw a hot response from global fans.


5. Lovesick GirlsLyrics: TEDDY, LØREN, Jisoo, Jennie, Danny ChungMusic: TEDDY, 24, Jennie, Brian Lee, Leah Haywood, R.Tee, David GuettaArrangement: 24, R.Tee

'Lovesick Girls' is the title track of BLACKPINK's first studio album,'THE ALBUM'.On top of the country-style guitar sound, the stylish melody leads the overall atmosphere of the song, and the powerful vocals of black pink are added to the continuous retro sound to enhance the song. This song stands out with lyrics that ask the ultimate question of why humans are hurt and hurt by love, yet they find another love. For the first time in a Black Pink song, members Jisoo and Jenny participate in the lyrics and composition, respectively, further increasing the expectations of fans.


6. Crazy Over YouLyrics: TEDDY, Bekuh BOOM, Danny ChungMusic: TEDDY, Bekuh BOOM, 24, R.Tee, FUTURE BOUNCEArrangement: 24, R.Tee, FUTURE BOUNCE

‘Crazy Over You’ is a song that highlights the charm of black pink, which does not know where to bounce by adding oriental sound elements to the retro hip-hop beat.


7.Love To Hate MeLyrics: Tushar Apte, Rob Grimaldi, Chloe George, Steph Jones, Danny ChungMusic: Tushar Apte, Rob Grimaldi, 24Arranged: Tushar Apte, Rob Grimaldi, 24, Vince, TEDDY

'Love To Hate Me' is a dance pop genre song that talks about the relationship and feelings of love and hate called'Love Hate', and the addictive hook part stands out.


8. You Never KnowLyrics: LØREN, Bekuh BOOMMusic: 24, Bekuh BOOMArrangement: 24

‘You Never Know’ A song that stands out with Black Pink’s vocal power. The emotional lyrics and melody are in harmony with the minimal arrangement to convey the message of the song even deeper.


● SIZE: 160*160*60●


-Package Box + CD + Hardcover Photo Book (96p) + Postcard Set (4ea) + Credit Sheet (2p) + Lyrics Book (14p) + Random Photocard (2 of 20) + Random Postcard (2 of 20) + Random Sticker (1 of 4) + Mount Photo Card (1ea)


-Credit sheet, lyrics book, mount photo card and random photo card, random postcard, and random sticker are included regardless of version.

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