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Mini 1st [New Start]

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‘6 member idol boy group BLACK LEVEL finally takes off the veil’

In the fall of 2022, the six-member male idol group BLACK LEVEL, which has been ambitiously prepared after four years of training, will finally release its first mini-album in the anticipation of officials and fans.

In this mini album (New-Start), member Taeyoung showed off her abilities as a musician by producing and working on lyrics and songs, and it is an album with a high degree of perfection. am.

(New-Start) is the first album that contains the chaotic current state and the coolness and excitement we dream of, hoping that good stories will be used as a new beginning for us in difficult times.

The sophisticated and concise sound and addictive melody line convey the meaning of allowing the listener to fall in love without realizing it and join the new musical paradigm of BLACK LEVEL.

[Album Composition]

1. OUT BOX 1Version

2. PHOTO BOOK 1Version

3. CD-R 1Version

4. UNIT PHOTO CARD 1ea of ​​6ea

5. PHOTO CARD 2ea of ​​18ea
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