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3rd Mini Album [the Village of perception: chapter two]

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“Tell me, your B.”

Billlie, who is in the spotlight as a 4th generation unrivaled storytelling idol, is making a comeback with his third mini album [the Billage of perception: chapter two].

Billy, who has solid skills, released his debut album [the Billage of perception: chapter one] in November last year, about the reality of 'one day on the 11th when it rained in purple, a mysterious story in which a girl named Billie Love disappeared'. It marked the beginning of a great epic that tells the story Billy sees in the movie. Next, in the [the collective soul and unconscious] series released in December and February, various stories experienced in reality were explained through the medium of dreams and the unconscious, and one narrative was realized in two storytelling methods. All of Billy's contents penetrated one story and were systematically connected, and this was a unique narrative in which reality and fantasy coexist.

The 2nd mini album was loved by many as it ranked high on a number of global charts such as iTunes, Billboard, and Oricon charts. The title song 'GingaMingaYo (the strange world)' was selected as the best K-pop song in 'The Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2022' published by Time magazine in June. Standing shoulder to shoulder with artists, it is loved as a storytelling idol based on high-quality music and narrative that represents Korea.

The third mini-album [the Billage of perception: chapter two], a series that follows his debut album, is also an album that shows Billy's pride in his outstanding musical ability. Billy, who gave deep inspiration to those who enjoy Billy's music and stories through new and diverse artistic attempts for each work he released, breaks the boundaries of the genre of hard rock with the title song 'RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)'. Billy's abilities are proven once again by capturing both the story and his skills with a real band sound that gives a feeling of over-addiction and liberation.

In addition to the title song, this album not only took another leap musically, but also released the album with the participation of leading domestic and foreign producers such as Mayu Wakisaka, DEEZ, YUNSU, SAAY, Minjition, Kim Yeon-seo, Anna Timgren, and Le'mon. The huge plot that is connected to all works goes beyond the realm of collaboration with various artists such as pop art writer Regina Kim, 'Urban Ghost Tale' director Hong Won-ki, 'Moon Lovers: Little Heart Ryeo' Jo Yoon-young, and Melomance Jung Dong-hwan. We are building up a solid foundation together through collaboration.

“Today, 11 summers have passed since I erased that child. In the last room of memory, <World> called us. That the beautiful, fun, and foolish moment would disappear. Declaration of the end of the war that the <world> in which Billy was buried will collapse. And then, the howling of the stopped memories started again.”

From ‘the end of the world and awakening’

Through [the Billage of perception: chapter two], the series of his debut album, Billy summons the concrete figure of Billy Love mentioned in the previous work from the past, gathering pieces of memories from the present rather than imagining them. In the story film and the sequence concept music video, where each of them lived as their own best self, the Billy members stop at a moment in the process of becoming an adult from a child to a teenager.

Perhaps the meaning of becoming an adult is not an instantaneous moment, but a continuation of a great process that is made through various events and times. heard and expressed.

“The reversal of time. light passage. the manifestation of shadows. The world is ruined, and the mature me is born. Old promises are reborn as new vows. you just wait there I'm going to save you."

[Siyun: Find the lost photo and grab it. Young Billy is clearly photographed.]

From ‘the end of the world and awakening’

*Album Specifications

- Photobook (including transparent stripes): 180*250(mm) / 76p (images vary by version)

- CD-R: Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

- Photocard: 55*85(mm) / Insert 2 random types out of 14 types (images are different for each version)

- Mini L Holder: 65*95(mm) / Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

- Sticker: 110*160(mm) / Insert 1 type (same image for each version)

- Polaroid photo card: 55*85(mm) / Random 1 out of 30 (same image for each version)

- Photo Postcard: 100*150(mm) / Insert a random one out of 7 types (same image for each version)
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